Isn’t it funny how some things in life take us in a completely UNEXPECTED direction?

…and even though closing doors can feel so bitterly disappointing at first, the Universe might just be conspiring to open new doors, to things far better than we imagined.

Can you relate?

My name is Carly (with a y) and I am the Founder of the WINNING SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY. I am a Social Media Marketer and Consultant. I’ve been building websites, creating visual content and managing Social Media accounts for five years. I specialise in Facebook Ad Campaigns, Instagram Marketing & List Building.

Oh how I love Instagram.

Carlee Media is not my first business, nor is it one I necessarily planned.

But that’s what makes it so right!


Several years ago I left an amazing job in corporate finance, walking away from a dependable income in pursuit of a burning goal – to run my own business.

With no clue how to do so, a $300 vintage camera and a few rolls of film, I launched my own Portrait PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO. It was terrifying but also liberating… and rewarding on so many levels.

Through the work that followed I got to meet and photograph some of the most incredibly driven and tenacious humans I’d ever encountered; dancers, athletes, entrepreneurs and creatives, all pursuing greatness and following their dreams – through any challenge or tragedy. Deeply inspired, I developed an interest in storytelling and personal connection. Slowly my work became less about the portraits, and more about understanding people and helping them achieve their goals. My transition into Social Media Marketing – cultivating networks, partnerships, developing leads and creating brand awareness – was so natural and organic I barely had time to reconsider.

In the same way I loved to geek out about studio lighting and the photographic process (ahhh film!), now I get over excited about the methodology, algorithms, research, creative thinking and psychology of social media. I absolutely LOVE IT and I love using SM to help others grow their business and experience success beyond their wildest dreams!


In 2017 my husband, three young children and I moved back ‘home’ to New Zealand. We are currently living in the Wairarapa, just an hour North of Wellington City, and although I still get caught out calling Australia ‘home’ (especially when it gets cold!) it gives me great joy to no longer have to check my backyard for venomous snakes, spiders or biting ants.

I am thirty-something year old, sneaker wearing ENFJ, obsessed with vegetarian pizza, and tiny houses. I’m also a passionate educator and advocate for Equal Opportunities, Disabilities and Autism (ASD), which is a big part of our personal journey too.

Honesty, Integrity and Authenticity floats my boat, and I love making people feel empowered and connected. I’m probably that person who’s going whisper: “you can do this” when everyone else says it can’t be done.

I hope to hear all about about YOUR journey and business over coffee soon.